KPI Dashboards

Obtain actionable insights into current business operations through data visualisation.

Rich and impactful data visualisations

A KPI dashboard collects, groups, organises and visualises a company's important metrics and provides a quick overview of business performance.

By using KPI dashboards, organisations are able to make well informed decisions to achieve long-term goals.


Actionable insights

A well-designed dashboard provides an overview of the current status of the business. It should be very clear and easy to use, because fast interpretation is a must. The user has to be able to identify any potential problems at a glance.

The objective of a dashboard is not just to fill it with data, but rather to make data understandable. Correct visualisation by means of colour indicators, among other things, and placing data in the right business context is of great importance, and stimulates corrective behaviour.

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A step by step approach to a KPI dashboard

Full Orbit has developed successful data visualisation solutions for dozens of organisations.

Our approach often starts with workshops, obtaining answers to a number of questions in order to determine the organisation’s information need, and to translate it into information models.


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What do you want to measure ?

Without clear objectives or well defined KPI's a dashboard is useless.
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What is the target audience?

Who will be using the dashboard and what kind of visualisations do they prefer?
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Where are you getting the data from?

Which data sources need to be unlocked, and what transformations need to be applied to the data before it is usable?
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Which tool are you going to use?

The use of flexible reporting software has expanded enormously in recent years. It is important to select the right tool that meets the needs of the target audience.
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How are you going to set up the dashboard?

The most common mistake when setting up a KPI dashboard is the one-sided focus on data. A dashboard is not made to be filled with data, but to make data understandable.
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How will you maintain the dashboard?

Is the dashboard being used by the target audience? Are any changes needed in metrics or KPIs?