Oracle Cloud 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Next-generation cloud infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an IaaS that delivers on-premises, high-performance computing power to run cloud native and enterprise company’s IT workloads. OCI provides real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle's autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless compute. 

Full Orbit is also a forerunner when it comes to the application of Oracle Cloud Native products. We actively participate in proof of concepts at various organisations. Full Orbit has its own Oracle Cloud infrastructure that is used for research and proof of concepts.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration

Native data migration into Oracle Cloud

Simplify your complex data extract, transform, and load processes (ETL/E-LT) into data lakes and warehouses for data science and analytics with Oracle’s modern, no-code data flow designer.

Cloud native data integration

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud helps organizations discover unique insights faster with machine learning. With augmented analytics, combine data from across your organization with third-party data and automate important and time-consuming tasks such as data preparation, visualization, forecasting, and reporting.

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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

Autonomous Data Warehouse intelligently automates provisioning, configuring, securing, tuning, and scaling a data warehouse. This eliminates nearly all the manual and complex tasks that can introduce human error. Autonomous management will enable customers to run a high-performance, highly available, and secure data warehouse while reducing administrative costs.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science

Accelerate machine learning model development

Enables data scientists to build, train, and manage machine learning models on Oracle Cloud using an open source Python ecosystem enhanced by Oracle for automated machine learning (AutoML), model evaluation, and model explanation.