We focus on long-term relationships with customers. We contribute to their business objectives by implementing state of the art, innovative data-driven solutions.

Data maturity model

Organisations are moving at different paces with respect to how they are adopting data and advanced analytics to create competitive advantage. Some organisations are moving very cautiously, as they are unclear as to where and how to start, and which of the large amount of new technology innovations they need to deploy in order to start their data journeys.

Others are moving at a more aggressive pace to integrate big data analytics into their existing business processes in order to improve their organisational decision-making capabilities.

A select few are looking well beyond just improving their existing business processes with big data analytics. These organisations are aggressively looking to identify and exploit net new data monetisation opportunities.

We use the outlined chart of the data maturity model as a framework against which we can not only measure where our customers’ organisation sits today, but also give them ideas as to how far we can develop the data opportunity within their organisation.

Orbit SVG_Data Maturity Model-1

Removing complexity

Leveraging our expertise, we take care of the underlying complexity of implementing data-related solutions, thus unburdening our customers.
This allows them to focus on the realisation of their corporate objectives and on creating value from their data, in whatever phase of the data maturity model they find themselves.

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