Knowledge development

The world of data is constantly changing, and the Full Orbit team keeping up to speed by investing a lot in knowledge development.

This includes training courses, letting junior colleagues work on innovative projects, attending information sessions of the various technology partners and much more.



At Full Orbit is teamwork essential. We invest a lot in knowledge development and expect our team members to actively contribute to this.

This may mean immersing yourself in new technologies or business themes, and sharing this knowledge with your colleagues through a presentation or a workshop. You may also go to  events and provide feedback.

Even if you are not working on the same project with colleagues, you will realise that you are part of our team.


New colleagues

in order to grow our team, we are looking for people who want to keep up with these developments. People who want to be part of a professional organisation, with an informal culture and a close-knit team of great colleagues.

A company where you can learn a lot, receive good guidance, and where you can work on great innovative solutions in collaboration with clients.

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Are you in the final year of the University of Applied Sciences, in the direction of BIM, Big data or software engineering, and are you looking for a fun and educational place to write your thesis or do an internship? Then Full Orbit is a good place for you.

In addition to your thesis, you will participate in a project and you will have plenty of time to learn. Not only with technique, but also all other facets such as scrum sessions. You learn from experienced consultants. After your thesis / internship you really will have learned something.

Interested? You can respond by sending an e-mail in which you indicate why this profile motivates you to apply, or by calling us on 020 5300 39

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Are you interested in the world of data, do you have in-depth technical knowledge of our field, and do you want to work with experienced people? Maybe you can strengthen our team.

We do not have strict job profiles, but most have a preference for data engineering or data science. Ultimately, it is about doing the things you are good at, and contributing to the solutions we build.

We work on project-related basis with our customers on location, from home, or from our office in Haarlem.

We set the following minimum requirements:

  • Completed HBO or WO education in a relevant field of study;
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in our field;
  • 3 to 5 years of experience as a consultant;
  • Experience with technology that matches Full Orbit (Tableau, Databases, Spark, R, SQL and Python);
  • Excellent communication skills in speech and writing;
  • Willingness to work on-site at our customers' location.

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