Transform your business with data

At Full Orbit we help you monitor, optimise and transform your organization with the help of custom solutions that use your data. We are a Dutch service provider with European ambitions. Our personal approach ensures that solutions fit every business case.


Data Driven

The way in which organisations use data in every aspect of their business, has developed at lightning speed in recent years. Initially the unambiguous monitoring of business processes with business intelligence was the main goal.

However, the adoption of data science techniques and the creation of larger data collections paves the way for obtaining more scientifically predictive insights based on facts. Packaged in models and accessible via (mobile) applications, these insights influence the decisions of more and more end users. The value of data continues to increase.

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We use our expertise in accessing, processing, analysing and visualising data to deliver custom solutions. Using Oracle (Cloud) and Full Orbit DMP® technology , these solutions are suitable for different types of organisations, ranging from SMEs to large international companies .

Our goal is to allow customers to grow in the way they use data and to guide them in obtaining greater maturity in data use.

Our solutions range from providing business intelligence to gain a clear insight into the current state of business operations, to highly advanced data science, whereby algorithm-driven models respond in real time to events, and trigger certain business processes.

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Data Factory Intelligence

New colleagues

In order to grow our team, we are looking for people who want to be part of a professional organisation, with an informal culture and a close-knit team of great colleagues. A company where you can learn a lot, receive good guidance, and you can work on great innovative solutions in collaboration with clients.

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